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Chance for unique scale models  by Lottery!!!

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Chance for unique scale models  by Lottery!!!

On March 16, 2019 during the "Model show Europe" in Ede, the new scale model of Maats Pipline Professionals, the BM 36-48 pipe bending machine will be introduced. The model is released in a very limited edition.

To mark the introduction, Maats Pipline Professionals is introducing a BM 36-48 pipe bending machine available from Fankit.In addition, Liebherr supplies a Pipelayer PL66 built by IMC.Both on the scale 1:50.

By buying a ticket for € 5.00 you can win this beautiful set and support the foundation Bouwmachinesvantoen.

!! The more tickets the more chance !!

Tickets are for sale at the table of Bouwmachinesvantoen at the Modelshow Europe.

The tickets are also available by sending an email to stating how many lots you want, your name, address and how you want to pay. (By bank or with Paypal) After payment you will receive the lots from us by mail.

The draw will take place on 16 March 2019 at 15:00 on the model show Europe in Ede.

Stichting Bouwmachinesvantoen wants Liebherr

and Maats Pipline Professionals

Thank you very much for making the models available.

Do you want to support us in a different way or do you have questions?

Feel free to contact:




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