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Kaelble - Gmeinder Schubraupe


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Grüß Dich Markus,

ich habe deine Fotos mit dem Datenblatt der PR 14 M verglichen und kann Dir deine Vermutung bestätigen. Die stark abgeschrägte Motorhaube und die Dreieckslenker für das Schild habe ich sonst bei keiner anderen KAELBLE-Raupe gesehen. Ich nehme an, M steht für Moor, siehe die Breite der Ketten.

Ein paar technische Daten der PR 14 M:

MB Diesel OM 360, 140 PS aus 8,72 Litern
Schildbreite 3,5 Meter
Länge über alles 4,9 Meter
Höhe mit Hütte 2,9 Meter
Gewicht mit 900mm Bodenplatten 14,4 Tonnen

Hey Max,

Danke für die Info.

Sieht man sich bei der Jahresversammlung des IGHB ?
Gruß Markus
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I am sorry that I am writing in English, but unfortunately I don't speak German.

I am from Bulgaria.

We have the same machine here.
Kaelble - Gmeinder PR14,
The machine is manufactured at 1976!
Currently we want to rebuild it and to use it, but unfortunately we have find out that this manufacturer does not exist any more and there is not possible way to find spare parts.

Do you have any idea were I should be looking for spare parts?

The main problem is coming from the gearbox, we are looking for spare parts for it - oil pump, disks (rotors), seal kit est.

Hopefully you can help us!

Thanks in advance!

Best regards: Vasil Vasilev
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Hello, my english is not good....

you are right, KAELBLE ist not anymore in the city of Backnang near Stuttgart in south Germany. I have connections to people, who save old machines. IGHB is the name of this club like a museum.
Look www.ighb.de and ask for Stefan Materna. There are many adresses...
or you ask KIESEL - BAUMASCHINEN in Baind near Ravensburg / Weingarten, a real great area and office.

Hope, you find someone who can help you.

Best regards
Markus ( Fuchsblues )
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Dear Vasil,

top.gif great that you want to rebuild an old Kaelble bulldozer. For spare parts you should contact Jürgen Schmitt. He has a lot of old kaelble dozers and traxcavators and sells complete old machines as well as spare parts. Here are the links to his web sites:






I hope, you will find what you are looking for.

When I saw that you are from bulgaria, I thougt: maybe he konows something about Bueffel dozers and traxcavators. I am especially interested in such machines and I also have an old Bueffel BL 200 traxcavator. Here you can see some photos:






unfortunately the text is in german, but the photos are international wink.gif

Do you know somthing about these machines in Bulgaria? I am looking for an old Bueffel B 180 dozer, which was also built in romania from UTB and maybe was sold also to bulgaria.

Good luck for finding your spare parts and best regards

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