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On 27.8.2019 at 02:54, shovelman schrieb:

One of the things I like most about Russian shovels is the diversity of undercarriage designs the companies have used over the years. In my opinion, the most unique is the design used on the Uralmash EKG-12.5. At MINExpo I made the comment to one of the company representatives "the 4 crawler arrangement is interesting" and he told me "It is not 4 crawlers, it is 2 pairs of crawlers"!

Regardless of the term used, it looks to me like it would be a nightmare to do maintenance on and make repairs to the inside crawler assemblies and drive motors. Other opinions?


It was a nightmare to do maintenance on, that's why the design didn't live long. They used it mid-80s to early 90s or something. "Original" EKG-15 was notorious for its undercarriage problems and two pairs of crawlers just multiplied them. 

P.S. Sorry for English, just accidently stumbled upon this forum while looking for any evidence of our shovels still working in Germany. 

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Hello UZTM,

Can you please contact me directly at; shovelman@live.com? I would like to ask you some questions regarding UZTM shovels, draglines, and hydraulic excavators.

Thank you,


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