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ACCO Baumaschinen - Grösste Raupe der Welt - 180 t


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Hello, I'm an italian earthmoving machines fan!
I want to show some great pics shot in the "dream factory" call "ACCO".
(I have a very bad English, I know!! wacko.gif )

This is a tasting of the biggest bulldozer ever built: 2 V8 CAT engines for 1300CV over 180.000 Kg weight :


Click here to see all the photos: top.gif

http://www.album-mmt.it/categories.php?cat_id=202 Edited by Caterpillaralex
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Registriere dich um diese Anzeige nicht mehr zu sehen.

Great photo's Crawler.

Did you meet Mr. Omberto Acco?
I wrote him a letter years ago but now answers.

What I like to now be their any photo?s from the dozer when it was build!
Ore when the test-drive this big machine?

Something for you to find out!


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No, I didn't meet Umberto Acco!
Some member of the italian earthmover's forum "mmtitalia.it" went to Acco head office and met one geometer of the ACCO company.
They shot some great picture!!

Excuse me but I don't understood this question :

Ore when the test-drive this big machine?
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i have met mr acco and his son years ago. the was very nice and he told us why he has produced the dozer and grader. he has showen us pictures when the grader was working on the coast near his city.
he has showen us also the other machines he has produced. this machines where parked in his sand and gravel pit than he has showen us also his chicken and fish farm.
the chicken farm was the biggest i have ever seen .

he told us also something about his family and so on.

it was a nice day.

best regards

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Klaus : are you still in contact with Acco?
Is it possible to copy the photos you have seen?

Crawler: can your friend ask at the Acco head office if there are some photo’s?

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